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Donate/Recycle Pumps

What you can do with your breast pump when you no longer need it often depends on what type of pump it is.

Most manual pumps can easily be taken apart, cleaned, and sterilized for use by another person.

Electric pumps are trickier because the design of many single and double electric pumps for personal use allow milk droplets to get into the motor and housing. These milk droplets can lead to bacterial or yeast contamination and the growth of mold in the pump. Additionally, over time, the motor wears out. Most personal use electric pumps have a 1 year warranty on the motor.

Hospital Grade and Multi-User electric breast pumps are designed to prevent milk droplets from entering the motor and housing. This means that they can often be passed on to another person simply by replacing the tubing, flanges, and other external parts.

The following is a list of organizations that generally accept used breast pumps.
Please contact them directly to confirm that they will accept your specific pump.

Local shelters, pregnancy clinics, and church mission groups sometimes will accept manual pumps, because they can be sterilized and will work without electricity. Many will not accept used electric pumps because of the contamination concerns.

    Low cost (small appliances: $1-$5) Friday Drop Off electronics recycling program in Allentown

    Free, Medela covers cost of shipping, Medela pumps ONLY!